“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan (aka The Working Class Hero) portrayed by Jim Duggan

From: Glens Falls, NY.

Weight: 280lbs.

Height: 6’3”.

Birthday: January 14th.

Known for: His two-by-four.

Catchphrase: “Hoooo!”

Finisher: The Hacksaw Hack (hybrid shoulder tackle clothesline).

Titles: None.


W (over “Iron” Mike Sharpe, WWF All-American Wrestling, July 15th, 1988)

W (over Hercules, WWF SummerSlam ’88)

W (over Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, WWF All-American Wrestling, October 22nd, 1988)

L (to Dino Bravo, WWF Worldwide, December 11th, 1988)

W (over Haku, WWF Worldwide, December 18th, 1988)

L (to “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase, WWF All-American Wrestling, December 24th, 1988)



Haku (aka Heenan’s Heathen) portrayed by Tonga Fifita

Accompanied by his agent, Bobby “The Brain” Heenan.

From: The Kingdom of Tonga.

Weight: 280lbs.

Height: 6’2”.

Birthday: February 3rd.

Known for: Having his aggression channelled by Bobby “The Brain” Heenan.

Catchphrase: “I’ll bring glory home to Tonga.”

Finisher: Tongan Death Grip (chin nerve squeeze).

Titles: None.


L (to Ultimate Warrior, WWF SummerSlam ’88)

W (over Hercules, WWF All-American Wrestling, September 3rd, 1988)

W (over Jake “The Snake” Roberts, WWF Tuesday Night Titans, October 25th, 1988)

L (to Jake “The Snake” Roberts, WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event, November 26th, 1988)

L (to Ultimate Warrior, WWF Worldwide, December 4th, 1988)

L (to “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, WWF Worldwide, December 18th, 1988)



The Hart Foundation (Bret “Hit Man” Hart and Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart) portrayed by Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart

From: The Dungeon, Alberta, Canada.

Weight: 234lbs and 281lbs.

Height: 6’1” and 6’2”.

Birthdays: July 2nd and February 8th.

Known for: Being the pink-and-black attack.

Catchphrase: “The pink and black attack is back, baby!”

Finisher: The Hart Attack.

Titles: WWF Tag Team Champions (two times).


L (to Demolition, WWF SummerSlam ’88)

W (over the Fabulous Rougeaus, WWF All-American Wrestling, September 17th, 1988)

W (over the Fabulous Rougeaus, WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event, October 29th, 1988)

L (to the Brain Busters, WWF All-American Wrestling, December 17th)


Hercules (aka the Greek God) portrayed by Ray Fernandez

From: Greece.

Weight: 270lbs.

Height: 6’1”.

Birthday: May 7th.

Known for: His chains.

Catchphrase: “Feel the power of the mighty Hercules!”

Finisher: Full Nelson (modified double shoulder lock).

Titles: None.


L (to “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, WWF SummerSlam ’88)

L (to Haku, WWF All-American Wrestling, September 3rd, 1988)

W (over Dino Bravo, WWF Worldwide, October 16th, 1988)

W (over Andre the Giant, WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event, October 29th, 1988)

L (to Dino Bravo, WWF All-American Wrestling, December 17th, 1988)

Hillbilly Jim (aka The Country Boy) portrayed by Jim Morris

From: Mudlick, KY.

Weight: 320lbs.

Height: 6’7”.

Birthday: July 5th.

Known for: His hoe-down.

Catchphrase: “Don’t go messin’ with a country boy!”

Finisher: Mudlick Boot (big boot to the face).

Titles: None.


Honky Tonk Man (aka the Elvis Impersonator) portrayed by Wayne Farris

Accompanied by his colonel, “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart.

From: Graceland, TN.

Weight: 247lbs.

Height: 6’1”.

Birthday: January 25th.

Known for: Impersonating Elvis.

Catchphrase: “I’m cool, I’m cocky, I’m bad.”

Finisher: Shake, Rattle and Roll (modified swinging neckbreaker).

Accomplishments: WWF Intercontinental Champion.

Hulk Hogan (aka The Great One) portrayed by Terry Bollea

From: Venice Beach, CA.

Weight: 303lbs.

Height: 6’6”.

Birthday: August 11th.

Known for: Starting a movement known as Hulkamania.

Catchphrase: “Whatcha gonna do?!”

Finisher: Running Wild (modified running powerslam).

Accomplishments: King of the Ring (1989), Sole Survivor (1989), WWF World Champion (four times).


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