Fantasy Booking

Imagine a world where the canon of the greatest pro wrestling entity to ever exist was adhered to; where storylines were consistent and exciting; where all the available talent was used to its full potential; where everything made sense. Well, imagine no more.

Our story begins not at the beginning, but in the summer of 1988, when Vince McMahon’s Titan Sports was enjoying the fruits of its labours, from its World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF) roots of 1963, and the subsequent birth of WrestleMania in 1985 and its peak of the Pontiac Silverdome epic in 1987. Our story begins when four seasonal Pay-Per-View shows became the staple of the World Wrestling Federation (WWF).

Read as the WWF gains momentum and moves on from Hulk Hogan, but has its very own nWo infiltrate the rival WCW to take it over from the inside, only to become a monster threatening to consume its creator, Vince McMahon. After the nWo shockingly swallows up the WWF, leaving its initials and logo unusable, and replaces Titan Sports as nWo Entertainment, publicly traded on the stock exchange and diversifying in movies and music, the pro wrestling subsidiary reverts back to being incorporated as the WWWF once again, a homage to the McMahon family heritage that has today come under threat from JBL’s greedy business interests as we approach 2013, the fifty year anniversary of the WWWF!

Coming soon.


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