With almost 25 years of writing experience and industry knowledge, including contributing to the Bleacher Report in addition to other sites, the Wrestling Scribe offers serious critical analysis of the sports entertainment known as professional wrestling.

Pro wrestling is a phenomenon that has resulted in too many tragedies due to a lack of sensible mainstream media understanding and scrutiny, and pro wrestlers – too often treated like circus animals – cannot join actors’ unions or sports unions because they are dismissed as artists on one hand and athletes on the other.

Only when the industry is respected and analysed properly will conditions improve and these sports entertainers benefit. This site aims to provide constructive criticism and inspire mature debate on all aspects of pro wrestling.

The identity of the Wrestling Scribe will not be revealed. Nor will sources.

The Wresting Scribe also posts fantasy booking, re-writing history even better than Vince McMahon on a WWE-produced DVD.

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